Take the Plunge with A Bit of "Bottle Shock" Trivia...

Have some fun and try prior to looking at the Answer Key below...
  1. How many California Chardonnays & Cabernets went to Paris?
  2. When was the “Judgement of Paris”? Month & Year at least
  3. Which two wines were the top winner at the 1976 Judgment of Paris?
  4. When was BOTTLE SHOCK released?
  5. How many judges were there?
  6. Name the actress who plays Joe.
  7. Where can you still find the boxing ring that was built for the film?
  8. What is the name of the Stephen Spurrier’s wine store in Paris?
  9. What two foods do the film capture Stephen Spurrier tasting for the first time?
  10. Where does Bo the get money for the new barrels?
  11. In the film, what do Sam & Gustavo eat when they drink Gustavo’s homemade wine?
  12. In the film, who was the one reporter that covered the tasting?


    Answer Key

    1. 6 each (12 Total)
    2. May 24th 1976
    3. 1973 Montelena Chardonnay & 1973 Stags Leap Cabernet
    4. 2008
    5. 11
    6. Eliza Dishku
    7. Kunde Winery in Sonoma
    8. L Academie du Vin or The Academy of Wine
    9. Guacamole & KFC fried Chicken
    10. His mother
    11. Sardines & Crackers
    12. George Taber

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