Devastation HITS the Napa Valley

October 8, 2017 is established and antonymous with the wine country wildfires.  Lives were lost, homes, barns, and structures were lost as well by fire.  Communications to the outside world were lost for 48 hours, power grids were out of service for up to 3 days in some neighborhoods.  Dust masks become acceptable outerwear for 19 days afterwards.  While our family & friends were fortunate to stay safe, Gustavo Wine lost its late season varietal grape, the Cabernet Sauvignon, from the Atlas Peak and Coombsville appellation to smoke taint. The Oxbow Tasting Room lost 61% of its revenue during this time period.
We have positioned ourselves to support those who have lost even more!
Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered natural disaster 
devastation this year and who continue to endure it!

We especially would like to pay our Respects & send Special Thanks to our
First Responders and Volunteers!!!

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