Bottle Shock, The Movie & Gustavo Brambila

Freddy Rodriguez plays Gustavo Brambila in the Movie, Bottle Shock!


Bottle Shock:

In 1976, Napa Valley looked a lot different than it does today. California winemakers had yet to prove themselves on a global stage. When a Paris-based, British parisian wine shop owner Steve Spurrier (Alan Rickman) traveled to the region to challenge Napa Valley winemakers to a blind tasting against their French counterparts, that all changed. Winemakers from the sleepy, bucolic Napa Valley scored a shocking victory at the “Judgment of Paris” – and put our wines on the map. 

Chateau Montelena’s 1973 Chardonnay was among the winners, and that story became the inspiration for a 2008 film. “Bottle Shock” certainly took some creative license – but the essence of the story is true. And actor Freddy Rodriguez – who portrayed Gustavo Brambila – captured his passion and his dedication to the art of making fine wines. 

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photo left to right: Freddy Rodriguez & Gustavo Brambila.  Movie Premiere at Chateau Montelena